Your child has grown out of their nursery and the furniture and room décor needs updating. You have your mind set on redecorating, but you've seen so many different themes for kids' rooms that you're feeling overwhelmed. Rather than focusing on the theme of the room to start, why not search for the perfect bed initially and use this for inspiration on your interior design project?

Choice of bed will have a major impact on interior styling

As your child's bed will be the predominant feature in their room, it's integral to how the room is styled. Nursery Design offers a range of fun kids' novelty beds that are ideal when your child has become a toddler, such as the Princess Toddler Bed with Canopy and the Race Car Toddler Bed. By allowing your child to take part in selecting a bed, you can see what style they like and choose something you're both happy with. This also makes your child feel like they're involved in a co-interior design project.

Princess Toddler Bed with Canopy

Don't over style the room with a novelty bed

If you and your child both like a novelty bed, the rest of the room styling should be quite subtle. Wood and other natural tones in the other furniture pieces and paintwork are a good choice, enhanced by a touch of colour to complement the theme of the bed.

With a classic or contemporary kid's bed, more detailed styling works 

Cubby House Kids Bed Flat Black

If the character themed beds don't match your style preference, why not opt for a bed that's more simply designed. Nursery Design's Cubby House Kids' Bed is a great choice for a contemporary children's bed.This type of bed is not as bright and busy as the character themed beds, you can add a lot of colour to the room and even a large decal to enhance the style.