Veering away from the oh-so-mainstream baby nursery ideas, a new sweeping wave of designer nurseries and decorations have invaded Pinterest and Etsy. Gone are the days of ubiquitous blues and pinks. And step away from chevron (seriously, how many chevron nurseries have you seen on Google and Pinterest?).

But let’s be honest. Not each of us can afford to have that original Eames chair or Saarinen signature piece, maybe not even the closest inspired furniture of it. So what to do then? Take the clippings from that Crate & Barrel inspiration board you’ve been looking at, and let’s get started!

Why Less Is More

Minimalism enthusiasts like the idea of not being peppered with clutter. On top of taking care of your baby, there are also lingering household chores at bay. A no-frills nursery is great for you for the following reasons:

  • You can easily spot stains and out of place objects that do not belong there
  • Easy to maintain, decorate & re-arrange
  • You only need the basic things to make up for it
  • Improves your mood greatly by decreasing clutter & stress

“But doesn’t that sound too plain? Where will the design part come in?”

Surprisingly, minimalism frames your mind to only consider the necessities sprinkled with a hint of accent elements, thereby taking a whole chunk of work off your shoulder. Don’t be afraid to try this design because we’ll guide you on how to seamlessly and effortlessly create your dream nursery sans breaking the bank or ending up splashing a plethora of colours because you didn’t like your white wall.

The Basics: What You Need

Too many times expectant mothers get overwhelmed by how many things they have to shop and prepare before the big day comes. But what is it really that you need?

Get ready for the truth because you only need to have these three (3) things:

  • crib
  • A changing table
  • storage for your baby’s clothes

Are we kidding? Nope! That’s really it! Other things are just fluff – or if you like to call it “accent pieces”. Your baby only requires these three baby furniture based on their activities: sleeping, feeding, changing.

This is the beauty of staying simple! However, of course for other purposes we’ll also include some things like laundry basket and a glider nursing chair. If you want to know more about the full nursery checklist, check out the link below to get your copy.

Going Tiny Is The New Revolution

Have you heard of the “tiny house movement”? If not, you should definitely Google it. It’s a thriving community of small space inhabitants who advocate for this downsizing concept. Living small doesn’t equate to living less, but to be able to live more.

What I love about this new wave of tiny home living is the smart storage solutions they come up with: flip tables, hidden cabinets & closets, mirrors and windows for a bigger illusion and well ventilation… the possibilities are endless.Utilizing As Little Space As Possible

Aside from downsizing, minimalism advocates the full potential of every space. Every nook and spare is turned into something useful. You’ll soon realize that a lot can be done by just having a few square meters of the room alone.

To be able to execute this design well, baby room ideas like requires the following:

  • Multipurpose furniture (couch or bed with storage, etc.)
  • Light-coloured fabric materials
  • Light shaded paint
  • Clean coated furniture (so as not to trap heat & moisture)
  • Items that serve the room’s essential function

Palette Is Everything

Going minimal doesn’t have to be all about whites and greys. You can incorporate a few bold but sophisticated colours such as brown and ochre. Applying these colours will offset the initial bland appeal of the room.

Experiment with a handful of elements – patterns, shapes, textures, lines… you can get the sense of your style if you create a mood board first. Remember that to pull off a cohesive look, you need to place each element strategically and each must balance out well when you look at them as a whole.

How Do I Know What I Really Need?

Knowing the basic requirements of a nursery is a vital step to finishing your minimalist nursery. For instance, it’s easier to think of it as your very own baby warehouse. Some questions you can ask yourself are the following:

  • What are the core functions of each item inside?
  • Will you be needing this in 3 years? (Or if it is hard to decide, will you be needing it next year?) If not, cross it out.
  • How much time do I have on my hands – daily? Weekly? Monthly?
  • Will I be able to clean and maintain given my schedule?

Keeping things simple and minimum will help you in achieving this design. Remember to keep going back and question your requirements – you’ll know eventually if minimalism is for you. A good ratio to have is 3 large pieces of furniture with 5 small accents – be it a photo frame, a lampwall décor or potted plant.

Do these baby room ideas fit you? Would you want to have a nursery with smart baby furniturestorage? Or maybe you want to achieve this design but don't know how? Let us know how we can help in the comments. Our resident interior designer will answer your query.

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