This week’s topic is about blue nursery designs.

As most parents would select, parents like you associate color with the gender of your baby – majority of whom define blue are for boys and pink are for girls. And whilst there is a universal agreement on this, the blue colour can actually be used for a girl’s nursery too.

Blue is a popular choice for play rooms and areas that need tranquillity. As one of the coolest colours from the colour wheel, it is also a well-loved choice for nautical themed rooms and classic grown-up or common spaces around the home. Knowing the right shade of blue can help you create the nursery of your dream for your little tot.

Who Will It Suit

And because blue nursery designs signify cool and calm, this will fit parents who are finding sanctuary after their day’s work. The colour palette works best for flat and small spaces as lighter, cooler colours expand the appearance of the room. Blue, like the monochromatic palette, is also ideal for spaces that will gradually turn into guest rooms or a child’s room. Since the colour is easy to source out (almost all paint sections in hardwares carry them), it will be convenient for expecting parents to finish their nursery project right away.

Try to pick a colour for a nursery with your baby in mind. Some parents leave it white until the baby arrives since different babies have different needs. Some may be too active so blue nurseries are a great idea, some need more energy so other colors may be suggested. Whichever it is, picking a nursery color will usually be determined by the activities and agenda of the room.

How To Create Budget Nurseries In Blue

If you need some touch of texture, you can add wooden or sisal accents. Sisal mats are great because they’re durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and they’re very easy to clean and dry. You can find these at a local organic furniture shops or Asian furniture stores that import sisal mats from Southeast Asia.

Families on a tight budget can replicate an elegant room by doing DIY. Here are five (5) examples of DIY that you can do for your budget blue nursery.

  1. Artistic Blue Wall
    One example is to use a paint roller and cover the whole room in the following shades of blue. Once painted, you may get a paintbrush (for bigger splats) or a toothbrush (for finer and smaller splats). This project is perfect for rooms with limited space. If you’re feeling creative and you have a bigger room, you can also draw in swirls or waves as wainscoting or border to half the wall. It also serves as a good measure to equally balance the room when putting the furniture and accessories to create a cohesive look.
  2. Recycled Shirt Pillows
    Having a few blue shirts in plain colour or with pattern can also save you money from buying new pillowcases. Simply insert a pillow on the shirt until you see the outline of fitting you want, cut the hem and the sleeves and sew the sides. Don’t worry if you end up with a raw look, outside stitches can create a very rugged appeal.
  3. Celestial Felt Mobile
    If you have more than enough time, you can spare it doing this easy celestial felt mobile. A great addition to any room, you and your baby will love its simplicity and elegance.
  4. Ombre Paper Mobile
    No access to felt cloth? No problem! There’s an easier version of having a cute mobile for your baby with this easy ombre paper mobile. Materials can be easily found from your nearest hardware or craft supplies store.
  5. Repainted Old Chest Drawer
    A quick and cheaper alternative to have new furniture is to refurbish your old ones. An old wooden chest drawer can be painted in white with blue accents or fully painted in a friendly Robin’s Egg Blue shade to complement your blue nursery.

Benefits of a Soothing Blue Nursery

Sources show that light affects people in a major way. notes that Phototherapy is used to direct ultraviolet light to the affected area in the treatment of psoriasis and acne. Blue light is used to treat hyperbilirubinemia, a liver condition in premature babies. Light is used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).”[1]

Blue is also known to induce sleep and relaxation, and it also clams the muscles. Painting your baby’s nursery blue can have vast major benefits. Research from scientists show that among the many experiments on different colours, a person living in a red room has a higher heart rate a person inhabiting a blue room. [2]

Babies also need tummy time, and as their tiny bodies learn to stretch and exert effort over the first few months, having a blue room can help your baby calm down when they’re having a hard time crawling. Blue nurseries can also help with the temperament of a fussy baby.

Just be careful with the shade as grey-blues can border on sadness. Looking for that good shade of blue can be tricky but here’s an insider tip: go for crisp light blues like sky blue or powder blue if you want a fun and airy nursery and use deep shades such as cobalt and navy for sophisticated and streamlined rooms (perfect for transition). Still unsure? A safe tip would be to find one that resonates with your baby’s other blue items if you have any, or take a hint from the blue shades that you can usually find from the infant section at a department store. [3]

Blue Nurseries Are For Girls Too

Did you know that colours don’t really represent any gender or a certain cliché? Colours are universal and black and white are not considered colours, but absence and presence of light. It was only that society has more often associated blue with boys and pink for girls.

Your baby girl can also have a blue nursery and the secret to it is getting the right shade. Baby girl nurseries can carry light blue colours with a tinge of seafoam green, accompanying with coral or tangerine accents or even rose pink and ecru.

The way the room is designed will determine the gender. So for example you are expecting a baby girl, it would be ideal to add more floral elements and designs embodying curves and waves. Using friendly and baby-safe animal wall decals or cute artwork prints are a plus.

What about you? Would you want a blue nursery for your baby? Which one is your favourite from our tips above? Do you have another DIY tip moms could use? Do tell us in the comments!



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