Remember those fort blankets we used to make as kids? When I was a little girl I would frequently build one inside the bedroom to play in and pretend like I was in the woods in my camping tent. It would always get ruined after a bit of playing though, because the foundations weren’t that strong.

Well introducing teepees, an upgraded version! Teepes are more ideal because they have poles to support the tent fabric. In this week’s DIY, I’m showing you how to make one.

But First, Is A Teepee An Option For My Kid?

Before we get down to the DIY, teepees are quite space-consuming. You have to be able to provide a decent amount of space for it. A small recommended cover area size would be at least 9 square feet and if you’re feeling generous 18 square feet will do. Large indoor play areas have about 75 square feet to allot. [1]

You also need to consider the proper ceiling height. Suggested heights for kids’ bedrooms are 8 to 9 feet for standard homes, 10 feet is more than a breather, and 12 feet is luxury. [2] However you choose it, fitting the teepee tent inside your home will be a challenge. Make sure there are no fragile or easily destructible items within the play area’s vicinity to avoid accidents.

Where To Place It & How?

Choosing a room on where to place your teepee tent depends on where active play occurs. I recommend places like the child’s nursery, family den, living room and even outdoors or on the patio (great for places with sunny weather).

Location-wise, most kids teepee are indoors. Placing it inside is best so you wouldn’t have to move it around or bother interrupting your kid when he’s in the middle of play time. You can match your teepee with the room interior. A good tip would be to choose colours that are already present or contrast it. So say, you already have orange pillows in the area, find an orange fabric for your teepee tent to match. You got a white wall? Use one in black and white chevron pattern.

See these teepee for kids for a visual treat!

Kids Teepee Tent Indoor Orange With Chevron Pattern

For the curiosity reader, this kind of nursery works for you. Combine play time with reading time. Warm tones like the colour of the canvas works well with soft pastel pinks and muted browns.

Another reading nook like this one bears beautiful tribal and geometric patterns for its fabric.

Donning some LED Christmas lights on your tent can mimic the firefly effect outdoors.

A festive design on kids teepee can also do wonders in plain-coloured rooms.

Get your kid to have good night dreams with this starry teepee.

Kids Teepee Tent Starry Night

Let’s get started with the DIY!

Doing your own design can save you some budget. All you need is some good fabric, sticks or poles, twine or a strong rope and a good imagination! Choose whether you’ll make a tri-legged teepee or a 6-legged teepee. Today, we are featuring this DIY from La Chica de la casa de Caramelo.


  • 2m x 1m Fabric for the teepee (plain canvas or any thick patterned fabric)
  • 3-6 Bamboo sticks or wooden poles (3 for 3-legged; 6 for the 6-legged)
  • Twine
  • Sack cloth or burlap cloth


  1. Gather all your materials. Sticks shouldn’t be too long. Cut them ideally into 1.30 meters. 

  2. If you’re making a 3-legged tent, use the left photo for reference. However, since we are doing a 6-legged one on this feature, we will assemble the remaining 3 bamboo sticks as soon after we tied the first three.

  3. Tie the base of the sticks with the strong cord of twine or rope, leave about 54 cm to prevent the legs from spreading too much. Doing so can ensure safety that your child will not topple over from the inside when he plays.

  4. Cut the fabric by using this pattern guide. Start off with a 2 meter x 1 meter rectangle.
    To cut the two corners, fold the fabric in half so you’ll get a 1x1 square meter. From there, you mark the bottom corner and measure 73cm on the sides and 38cm for the diagonal width.

  5. Next draw the lines to make the whole pattern.

  6. Get an extra piece of the cloth and sew it on each of the six (6) bottom corners of the fabric, like a wraparound support so the poles won’t slip.

  7. Cut a semicircular fabric piece and place it on top of the tent, as built below. This double-secures the sticks.

  8. Add more fun decoration like this bunting made from a rucksack or burlap cloth.

  9. Cover the base of your kids teepee with soft non-toxic carpet and baby beddings to make it very cozy. You can add lights and plushies too!

Not only is this teepee very pretty, but it’s also convenient! Easily set-up when you need to and take out the fabric from the slits to fold away. This can even be carried if you’re doing play dates. Your child will definitely enjoy a lot of time in this wonderful handmade DIY teepee.

Don't have time to do it yourself?

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Hope you liked our DIY this week! Tell us which kids teepee is your favourite in the comments below or show us your work on Facebook!