When I think of Spring, I think of blossoms, fresh air, sunny days, walks in the park, picnics, fresh fruit, colour, and light and bright airy décor.

I don’t know about you, but my mood is very dependent on the seasons and the weather. I feel 100% better when the sun in shining and I can open up the windows to let in some fresh air and light. I feel more motivated, inspired, and happier in general.

Spring welcomes a sense of new life, so I wanted to share a few Spring decorating ideas to get your home feeling more light and bright and ready for this beautiful season!

This is an obvious one. Bringing greenery into your home is a great way to lift your mood, freshen the air, and liven up your home all at once.
If you’re a bit like me and not so good at keeping things alive, air plants and succulents are a very easy-to-care-for option. I also find my spider plants and peace lilies very easy to keep alive as well. Even Ikea have some lovely artificial plants that are a good alternative, and still give you the feeling of life in your home.

Another cheap and easy way to get some greenery into your home is to put some beautiful leaves into vases. So simple- just go out to your backyard and pick some!

Our French Country Side Vases are the perfect size.

Bed Linen
Put away the heavy quilts and dark throw blankets and dress your bed into something lightweight and fresh. Crisp white, floral, or light and bright colours definitely give your bedroom a nice Springy feel. I love anything floral, so I'll be whipping out my favourite flowery quilt covers to freshen up my bedroom!

Bright Wall Art
Another great way to bring the outdoors inside is with botanical or floral art.
I am in love with this idea on The Kipi Blog. She has simply bought a bunch of fake flowers and leaves from her dollar store and framed them in some white frames. There are endless options our there with online stores like Etsy selling affordable art prints. Just type in 'spring' or 'floral' art and see what treasures you can find to liven up your walls!

Check out our 17 piece photo frame set in white.

Spring Colour Palette
Think soft pastels or bright pops or colour. It could be as simple as adding a few flowery cushions to your couch, or a nice new colourful rug. I've always been a big fan of white or light birch furniture rather than the darker wood colours. You could always spruce up that old bookshelf with a lick of white paint. Perfect weather for it as well!

Who doesn't love flowers? There's nothing more special and refreshing than waking up to a beautiful bright bunch of flowers in the kitchen or living room. There's something about flowers in the home that just makes me feel happy, and they keep the house smelling wonderful. Don't wait for someone to buy them for you. Buy them for yourself!